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Small Business Website Marketing Tips

October 10, 2012 in Websites | Comments (0)

Small businesses often struggle with creating and managing their websites. Making their sites successful marketing tools is a challenge most find daunting. Here are some tips to help out.

1. Relevant content

Meta tags are pass√©, content is in — for search engines that is. The more content you have the more there is for search engines to scan. But not any content will do for your human visitors. Make your content relevant and useful. Update and add to your content frequently. Keep it fresh. This will not only improve your standing with search engines but it will give your readers good reason to return. It will also help establish you as a trusted authority in your field.

2. Easy navigation and structure

Your visitors want to get to the information they are looking for with the least possible difficulty. They will scan headlines and bulleted lists rather than read through entire web pages. Make it simple for your readers: organize your content logically, use headings, bold your key points and make use of point form.

3. Professional looking images

If you are selling a product that can be photographed, expend the effort to make the photos look professional. An amateurish attempt will make your business look amateurish, which is not what you are trying to achieve. A picture’s worth a thousand words they say, so make sure those words don’t include dim, out of focus, and blurry.

4. Smart URLs

Search engines look at the address of every page on your site. They are looking for keywords. Incorporate your keywords into your page addresses to improve your SEO. Instead of having, try

If the business has a page dedicated to its product Wacky Widgets, wacky-widgets.html is a better choice than product.html. Subdirectories on the site should also incorporate keywords: is better for SEO than

Good luck with marketing your websites. Hopefully these tips prove helpful in your efforts.



Website ideas

October 2, 2012 in Websites | Comments (0)

Building a successful website to promote your business is a tough challenge, especially when you consider your competition. Here are some suggestions on how to turn your site into a great marketing tool.

Introduce yourself

Using real photos of real staff and your store will engender more trust in your site visitors. As well people tend to put great stock in testimonials and even more if they are accompanied by photos of the people who wrote them.

Use less formal language

Making your site more conversational makes you appear more approachable. Use short paragraphs and short words.

Make your site fast loading

People who browse on the Internet have little patience. If you make them spend too much time waiting for your graphics to load, they’ll be long gone.

Update your site frequently

Give visitors a reason to return. Put up fresh, relevant information and keep your inventory current. Offer discounts or coupons — anything to make them remember you.

Offer online shopping

Credit card purchases can increase your business significantly. Make sure the transactions are secure!

Advertise your site

Put your URL on everything — ¬†business cards, Yellow Pages ads, brochures, online directories. Make it as easy as possible for people to find your site.

Hopefully these tips will help bring success your way. They take work and time but all marketing efforts do.