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DataHive’s Data Centre Untouched by Calgary Flood

June 27, 2013 in Data Centre | Comments (0)


“Not one single piece of equipment in our data centre was affected by this ‘flood of the century’. There was no down time, no data loss, no impact upon our clients,” stated Marjorie Zingle, CEO of DataHive.

Many businesses and buildings in Calgary’s downtown core have had to be shut down — some for a few days, some for a much longer period of time.

Ms Zingle stated that this phenomenal flood has not impacted DataHive’s data centre in any way. Power and connectivity have been maintained throughout the crisis, with its generator on standby and staff members closely monitoring the situation.

“In light of the extent of the disaster, DataHive is contributing to the Red Cross,” said Ms Zingle.

As well as remaining open for business, DataHive has been able to deliver its well-known, prompt, and individualized customer service. They responded immediately to urgent requests for temporary server storage. They were able, without any delays or complications, to install and set up new client equipment and temporary storage the day after the flooding began.

DataHive is a fully redundant, Class N+1 data centre located in downtown Calgary. This carrier-neutral facility and its network are optimized to provide security, reliability, redundancy, performance and scalability.