Surprising Tips of What Not to Include in Your Site

October 30, 2012 in Websites | Comments (0)

The following items are not good ideas to include on a website. Avoid them if you can when designing your site.

1. Animated GIFs, scrolling text and autoloading sounds.

The idea to include them is, of course, to attract the visitor’s attention. What they tend to do instead is distract and aggravate the visitor. Those with slow connections will resent the time spent loading the animations and sound files. And those wanting to read your content will find the blinking and scrolling items a challenge to their concentration.

2. Pages with little or no useful information.

If a page isn’t interesting or useful, it’s a waste of time. Visitors will tend to move on to another site rather than explore your site’s other pages in hopes of finding something worthwhile.

3. Pop-up windows.

They are an annoyance and a distraction. The only reason they are used are because they fulfill the web designer’s purpose without considering the visitor’s purpose.

4. Text over background images.

Anything that makes your content difficult to read should be avoided at all costs. If you have to use background images, make sure they are quick to upload. Compress your image files.

5. Text in ALL CAPS.

A few words in ALL CAPS draw your readers’ attention, which is what you may want. But all text in ALL CAPS loses the effect your are hoping to achieve, i.e. emphasis.

6. Spelling mistakes.

Please use a spelling checker. Typos and misspellings do count, and not in your favour. Your aim should be to present yourself as a trusted authority in your area of expertise. Misspellings make you look sloppy at best, illiterate at worst.

7. Dead links.

Please test your links every now and then. Links to external sites sometimes become extinct and are hence a waste of your readers’ time.

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