Google Play Apps Pose a Security Risk

November 6, 2012 in Security | Comments (0)

Research by Bit9 has come out showing that 24% of Android applications in the Google Play store post a security risk to: 1) mobile device users and 2) the networks they are connected to.

The research found that 42% of these applications access GPS location data. Amazingly these applications include games and wallpapers. Why on earth would a wallpaper application grab GPS location data?

The research also showed that 31% of these applications access phone numbers or phone calls. Fully 26% were shown to access personal data such as contacts and e-mail.

Considering how much at risk mobile devices are it’s a concern that 71% of employers surveyed allow their employees to bring them to the workplace. Only 24% of companies employ any application control or monitoring to detect what applications are running on their employees’ mobile devices.

Clearly,¬†when employees are accessing corporate data from their mobile devices, their employers’ intellectual property is being put at risk. It’s time for many to reconsider their policies regard the use of personal mobile devices in a work environment.

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