Tips to Use Social Networking for Business Promotion

December 5, 2012 in Social Media | Comments (0)

Many businesses are now using social networking sites to promote themselves. Here are some tips to follow if you are planning to do likewise.

1. Don’t let your account(s) languish.

Many business people set up accounts on various social networks but then forget to regularly post. If visitors check in a few times and see no new content they’re going to stop visiting. In this regard, a comatose account is worse than no account at all.

Make sure to allocate time to post regularly and stick to your plan. You might consider a limited number of accounts if you are unable to devote much time to your posting efforts.

2. Don’t over-post.

As important as regular posting is, it is just as important not to post too much and too often. Space them out throughout the day so maintain your followers’ and friends’ interest.

3. Keep your personal and business accounts separate.

The business accounts should be intended for business networking and promotion. The professional image you want to maintain would be severely marred by having very personal discussions posted on your wall. The simplest solution is to keep the professional and the personal accounts completely separate.

4. Don’t be too business-like.

If all of your posts are just about your products or services, they will soon seem like spam. You’ll lose followers quickly if they think you’re spamming them. Instead, try mixing in a bit of personal information — your activities as they relate to your occupation perhaps. People more often choose to do business with people they feel they know rather than with complete strangers.

5. Interact.

It’s social media and social networking you’re dealing with, and it’s designed to help you interact. Respond to your followers’ and contacts’ posts. Don’t limit yourself to one-way communication. Connecting with people will benefit you and your business.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your efforts to promote your business.


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