How to Turn Facebook Followers into Sales

January 10, 2013 in Promotion | Comments (0)

It’s the dream of most business managers — to convert Facebook fans into bona fide sales. And it is possible, but it isn’t easy. And it likely only happens after the fans become engaged.

It takes a relevant and engaged audience to generate revenue and that takes time, effort, inspiration and experimentation to cultivate.

Following are some tips on how to turn your Facebook fans into sales.

1. Invest in Facebook advertising.¬†Go beyond the free tools. Often an investment of small amount money can bring big returns. For instance, Facebook’s tool “Custom Audience” allows companies to create an ad targeting known customers. Simply upload a list of customer e-mail addresses and your ad will appear when they log onto Facebook.

Promoting an online offer on Facebook has been demonstrated to drive in-store traffic and increase spending per person.

2. Use Web analytics to track your site’s traffic from Facebook and other sources. This way you can adjust your promotional efforts by dropping the less successful ones and expanding on the ones that drive traffic to your site.

3. Post explicit calls-to-action. Tell your fans what they need to do to participate in an online offer or contest. Don’t leave them floundering with missing information. The forms should work, as should your links.

Best of luck in achieving your marketing goals!



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