DataHive’s Data Centre Untouched by Calgary Flood

June 27, 2013 in Data Centre | Comments (0)


“Not one single piece of equipment in our data centre was affected by this ‘flood of the century’. There was no down time, no data loss, no impact upon our clients,” stated Marjorie Zingle, CEO of DataHive.

Many businesses and buildings in Calgary’s downtown core have had to be shut down — some for a few days, some for a much longer period of time.

Ms Zingle stated that this phenomenal flood has not impacted DataHive’s data centre in any way. Power and connectivity have been maintained throughout the crisis, with its generator on standby and staff members closely monitoring the situation.

“In light of the extent of the disaster, DataHive is contributing to the Red Cross,” said Ms Zingle.

As well as remaining open for business, DataHive has been able to deliver its well-known, prompt, and individualized customer service. They responded immediately to urgent requests for temporary server storage. They were able, without any delays or complications, to install and set up new client equipment and temporary storage the day after the flooding began.

DataHive is a fully redundant, Class N+1 data centre located in downtown Calgary. This carrier-neutral facility and its network are optimized to provide security, reliability, redundancy, performance and scalability.

More Tips for a Successful Online Store

March 6, 2013 in Websites | Comments (0)

We’ve already written some tips about making your online store a success, and here are a few more. These are more specifically shopping cart tips that you’ll want to consider.

1. Make your “call to action” buttons stand out so customers can’t ignore them and are encouraged to click on them. The easiest way is to make them big.

2. Make the checkout process as easy to understand as possible. Consider adding a progress indicator that shows the customers exactly where in the process they are.

3. Consider adding a toll-free number for those who are having difficulty with the online shopping process. You don’t want the customers getting frustrated and leaving.

4. Try out the online shopping as if you are a customer. Change your mind, make mistakes, whatever will test the system. That will help you understand better what changes can be made to improve the flow.

5. Minimize navigation options during the checkout process so customers can go forward or go back but aren’t distracted by other options.

6. Check your site in all the major browsers to make sure it looks and acts the way it should. Don’t assume that because it looks all right in Explorer it will likewise look all right in Firefox or Chrome.

Hopefully these tips will help make your online store a success. Good luck!

Quick Tips for a Successful Online Store

January 23, 2013 in Websites | Comments (0)

Many entrepreneurs are banking on e-commerce as the route to business success. For many it is. It doesn’t diminish the need for hard work and smart planning. Here are some tips that you may want to incorporate into your smart planning.

  1. Get a URL that closely resembles your business name. If, for instance, your pet store is ABC and is already taken, look at or The closer the URL is to your business name, the better for marketing purposes it is.
  2. Enrol in an e-commerce package that has all the features you could conceivably need, such as a shopping cart and secure checkout.
  3. You need a merchant account for your business. Make sure the merchant account can securely process credit card payments and PayPal and other payment options such as bank drafts.
  4. Create a website that is easy to navigate and looks professional. Use an expert if your own skills are lacking.
  5. Use all the web marketing tools available, including search engine optimization tricks, analytics and submitting your new online store site to leading search engines.
  6. Don’t let your site stagnate. Introduce updates, redesigns, blog entries, surveys, promotions to keep it fresh.

These tips will hopefully help you promote your online store and achieve success as an entrepreneur.